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Places I’ve Played Places I’ve Played

Grace and the Baron By Bill Skiff “America has lost it’s love affair with... 

Mature Matters Mature Matters

Coming Full Circle By Sarah Lemnah Aging is often not an easy topic to discuss... 

Savvy Senior Savvy Senior

Tips for Regaining Flexibility Dear Savvy Senior, Can you offer some good stretching... 


Ben Franklin Meets Yogi Berra in ‘Starting With the Destination in Mind’ Ben Franklin Meets Yogi Berra in ‘Starting With the Destination in Mind’

Drawing on years of professional experience as a Certified Financial Planner and... 

De-Clutter Me! De-Clutter Me!

Eliminating clutter can change the whole feel of a space. (Courtesy photos) By Phyl... 

Growing the Perfect Christmas Tree Growing the Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas tree farming is a year-round industry that culminates in flurry of the... 

Everyday Cheapskate

Everyday Cheapskate Everyday Cheapskate

Thursday March 13th, 2014 Another Way to Use a Bundt Pan BY MARY HUNT Today’s first great reader tip makes me laugh. Imagine a chicken standing to attention in a Bundt pan. This is the best idea I’ve heard all day, and I think you’ll agree. STAND THE BIRD. To roast a whole chicken evenly and more quickly, set your Bundt pan on a cookie... [Read more of this article]

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living Sustainable Living

Thursday March 6th, 2014 The Last Fish BY SHAWN DELL JOYCE Ocean fish are the last wild creatures that people hunt on a large scale. We used to think of the ocean’s bounty as endless until recently, when we have discovered its limits. Between 1950 and 1994, ocean fishermen increased their catch 400 percent by doubling the number of boats and... [Read more of this article]