Shelburne Museum presents ‘The Art of Winter’

January 20, 2016  
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32°: The Art of Winter,” organized by Shelburne Museum, will be on view at the Museum’s Pizzagalli Center for Art & Education from Jan. 23 to May 30. The featured works in the exhibition span an array of media and styles from classic nineteenth century paintings from the Museum’s own collection to contemporary sound art.
Beautiful and dangerous, evoking both bliss and desolation, the seemingly simple compounds, snow and ice, have long been explored by artists. The exhibit exposes the varied identities of snow and ice through their manifold properties and representations as interpreted by a number of national and internationally known artists including  Wilson A. “Snowflake” Bentley, Sonja Hinrichsen,Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz, Claude Monet, Jacob Kirkegaard and many more.

The exhibit is not confined to the physical limits of the gallery walls, but instead works of art extend out on to the museum’s grounds throughout the length of the exhibition. Ephemeral works featured in the exhibition include snow drawnings of reclaimed artist Sonja Hinrichsen, as well as snow sculpture by Team Vermont, a snow sculpting team. Additionally, local architecture firms will display architectural follies based off of the forms and functions of traditional ice shanties in “ARCTICtecture: An Ice Shanty Project.”

January 24, 2016: opening Talk by curator Carolyn Bauer

February 4-11: artist Sonja Hinrichsen comes to Shelburne Museum

  • February 5: A lecture by Sonja at Shelburne Museum
  • February 7: Sonja’s off-site, higher-elevation “Snow Drawing”
  • February 9: Sonja’s Shelburne Museum “Snow Drawing” with school children

February 27: Snow Day

  • Team Vermont creates a snow sculpture
  • Reveal of “ARCTICtecture: An Ice Shanty Project,” featuring top Vermont Architecture firms TruexCullins and Selin + Selin. These will be on view until April 11.

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