Wasp Traps, Cheap Eats and More Great Reader Tips

November 5, 2015  
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helpful tipsBY MARY HUNT


There’s nothing I enjoy more than opening my mail to find it stuffed with my readers’ money- and time-saving tips. Sharing them with you is a close second.

Before I do that today, we need to go over a few things:

I may not have personally tested and vetted every tip, trick and idea that I share with you. Some I consider to be clever no-brainers that make me go, “Well, of course that works — and what a great idea!”

Other tips just don’t lend themselves to being tested under my present circumstances, while some are just so “out there,” I wouldn’t know how to make 100 percent certain that they would work, even when they do make sense.

And then there are the tips you will never know about because they are so off-the-wall or downright ridiculous that I am not willing to waste my time or yours with them.

When it comes to sharing clever tips and great ideas, I rely on your good judgment and common sense — and from time to time, your sense of humor! With that in mind, check out this fresh batch of great reader tips:

WASP TRAP. We have a lot of wasps in the summer, and commercial wasp traps at my grocery store cost $12.99 each, so I make my own. I take an empty plastic sports drink container, cut the top off just below the point where it tapers up to the screw-on lid, then invert the top and place it inside the bottom portion and add a couple inches of orange juice (anything sugary will work) and set it on my deck. The wasps fly or crawl into the bottle but can’t figure out how to get out, and they eventually die. It works like a charm, and it’s free! When the trap gets full, just make another one! — Linda

EATING OUT. I often just get an appetizer at a good restaurant. Most restaurants serve too much food, and appetizers are a good way to stay on budget and diet. — Teacher in LA

RECYCLED CONTACT LENS CASE. Ever since hearing about the tip to cut open a tube of lotion to get to the last bit of product, I’ve been amazed at how much I’d been wasting all these years. (I’ve even started to wrestle open pump bottles with a pair of pliers to get every last drop of that expensive eye cream.) But how do I store that remaining lotion to avoid it drying out? As a contact wearer, I have many extra contact cases and realized they make perfect storage containers for those last lotion bits. An added bonus: These containers are perfect for travel. I write the contents on the lid and take my pomade, hair gel, eye cream, etc. without the bulk. — Kate

DISCOUNTED NEWSPAPERS. Recently, I got a bill for our daily newspaper. The full price was almost $10 per week, around $500 per year. I looked online and found the same paper at DiscountedNewspapers.com for $169/year. When I called our paper to cancel our subscription with the intent of subscribing through the other website, they offered to match the online price. A savings of $330 for the year! — Susan



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