Life Elephant Helps Families Remember ‘Life’ Information

March 10, 2011  
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After countless meetings with families facing the challenges of unknown or outdated information concerning their ill or deceased loved ones, estate planning attorney Jennifer Luitjens wanted to create a tool to better manage personal affairs. There are numerous stories of families who must literally wade through mountains of paperwork to locate that one important document, be it a car title, a house deed, a medical directive, or a will. For a host of reasons, many families simply neglect to discuss legal or financial affairs while everyone is physically and mentally able to do so. And for the current generation of seniors, many simply are too private to feel it appropriate to discuss these affairs. But this lack of communication can present an extraordinary challenge for a family member who must locate legal or financial data. Even when they know where the “black box” of information is kept, it may be disorganized and outdated, particularly as we become a more paperless society.

An awareness of the need for a more organized and accessible method for information-sharing was one of the prime reasons for creating Life Elephant. Account holders can enter customized information and upload documents online for later retrieval by the account holder and anyone they authorize. The account becomes the online “black box” of information – storing data such as identification of bank accounts and other investments, passwords to various online accounts, location of life insurance policies and other paperwork, names of doctors, and copies of important documents. Each account holder determines the extent of the information posted on the account and the level of access granted to any family member, friend, or advisor. For more information, visit or call 1-800-528-5881.


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