Need an Ambulance, But Don’t Require a 911 Call?

April 7, 2011  
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Trans-Care opens in Essex, serves entire Valley

Trans-Care Ambulance Service is a new, locally owned “24/7 non-emergent medical transportation service,” in Essex that serves the entire Champlain Valley.

Non-emergent transport is simply a form of medical transportation provided in non-emergency situations to people who require special medical attention. Ambulances or other vehicles are used to get the patient from one location to another safely while offering medical support, rather than offer 911 emergency field treatment and rapid transport to an emergency facility.

A candidate for non-emergent medical transport is a medically stable patient, who needs “medical support.”

For example, a resident of a nursing home who has just spent time in the hospital might need non-emergency transport to get back to the nursing home so that Emergency Medical Service personnel can monitor the patient’s condition and deal with any medical issues associated with the patient’s needs. Likewise, a chronically ill patient might need medical transport to get to scheduled doctors or rehabilitation appointments.

The patient is transported on a stretcher, and he or she is accompanied by at least two Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic (or higher). The vehicle has medical equipment and is inspected by the state’s EMS Department. The equipment is also utilized to monitor the patient during transport.

Trans-Care’s services are Medicare and Medicaid approved, and most insurance is accepted.

Craig and Lisa Butkus own Trans-Care. Craig Butkus is the Executive Director of Essex Rescue. He has been involved in fire and rescue service since 1992, and was previously the Chief of Essex Fire Department. Lisa Butkus has worked for Frontline Fire & Rescue since 2003. She is currently the General Manager.

For more information, call (802) 288-1286.


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