Thriving in the Workplace

December 22, 2010  
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Time is money. We’ve all heard it before, but these days it bears repeating. Yes, it’s always been important for workers to make sure that they’re doing the right things and staying on task, but in shaky economic times it’s a matter of survival (your own, career-wise, as well as your company’s). Yet nearly all of us are guilty of sabotaging our performances to some degree because we fail to go on the offensive against two specific threats: disorganization and poor time management.

Well, that’s true, you might agree. I know that I sometimes get my priorities mixed up, and that I lose one minute here and there. But I’m just a regular Joe — not an efficiency or organizational expert. How can I improve the way I spend my time?

Enter “Thriving in the Workplace All-in-One For Dummies®.” Comprised of seven books in one handy volume, this comprehensive reference gives people of all ages, in any job, and in any type of workplace, the information, tips, and action plans needed to boost professional value, increase visibility, and manage stress.
And to the specific relief of the pressed-for-time and organizationally challenged among us, Book II: Getting Organized and Managing Your Time: Smart Ways to Preempt Problems provides all the tools you’ll need to streamline yourself from nine to five—and beyond.

There’s no doubt about it: organization and time management are essential for job stability, career advancement, and contribution to your company’s well-being. Read the book for some ideas to help you take control of your time and boost your own hourly value.


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