Gaining Wisdom, Growing Older: A Guidebook to the Future

January 14, 2010  
Filed under Aging Parents

Aging is inevitable, no matter how hard people try to stop or turn back the clock. This fact of life has become problematic for governments and citizens around the world as each struggles to provide care for their aging populations. In his book, “A New Wrinkle,” Dr. Eric Shapira prepares his readers for the future and what to expect.

“A New Wrinkle” serves as a guide for those who similarly find themselves caught between their parents and their children, on the horizon of both taking care of their parents and continuing to raise their own children.  The book encourages readers  to conquer life’s challenges by learning from the personal stories of others. Everyone will deal with the effects of aging in their lifetime and many will be forced to make decisions on the care of their loved ones. Dr. Shapira advises his readers on how to examine their own lives and strategically plan and confront any challenge at hand. It is a perfect guide for anyone handling a life-changing transition, facing the aging process or caring for elderly family members.

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