New Monitoring System Offers Peace of Mind for Caregivers

November 10, 2010  
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Caring for aging parents can be stressful, confusing and expensive whether you live around the corner, or across the country. BeClose, the new in-home system for providing extra help to caregivers, recently made its debut — part of a growing segment of new technological solutions directed at aging boomers.

An easy-to-install system of discreet, wireless sensors, BeClose works by sending alerts to caregivers when activities or behaviors are out of the ordinary, offering peace of mind for the millions of informal caregivers that are worried about parents aging in place at home. Completely customizable, the system will alert a caregiver by text, email or phone — unlike pendants that rely on the person to activate them, often when it is too late.

For the nation’s active boomers (77 million nationwide) caring for aging parents and relatives, this technological innovation comes at a time when boomers are used to information from cell phones and hand-held devices as the daily norm. Now, if Mom or Dad’s routines seem to be out of the ordinary, and they simply can’t be there, they can log onto their computer and check BeClose’s daily monitoring of activities, make sure everything is ok, or check with them if they notice something out of the ordinary.

According to AARP, today’s boomers are more active than ever. Their travel (60 million), attendance at live sporting events (22 million), or their own physical activity (bicycling, 11million) mean they are busy, engaged and on the go. The challenge is that many of these active boomers and retirees are also informal caregivers (more than 35 million), looking out for Mom or Dad, and often from a distance. For caregivers like these, BeClose’s simple in-home system relays real time information from the sensor to a dashboard that can be checked throughout the day.

“Caring for an aging parent is a reality for millions of boomers and for many, it’s very stressful because they can’t be present 24 hours a day,” said Liddy Manson, the president of BeClose. “Our system offers relief from many care giving concerns not just by helping to ensure that an aging family member is safe, but also by providing ongoing information that can show changes in critical patterns of behavior and identify a problem before it becomes a crisis.”

Caregiving Savings
Boomers who have felt the limits of traditional care giving  options, can now add BeClose as an additional cost-effective option.  The breakthrough remote home monitoring system is designed to allow people to age in place independently while allowing their family members and caregivers to know that they are safe.  The system of wireless sensors is fully customizable and tech- friendly. The system is based on a research and development partnership with, a leading in-home wireless monitoring system, serving more than 400,000 homes and businesses nationwide.  By leveraging the patented technology platform, BeClose can scale usage on a proven system that processes more than 25 million security and safety events every month.

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