Spring Fashion in Vermont

April 28, 2015  
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Reporter Adam White visited several local retailers to find out what’s new in fashion for the spring season. Vermont Maturity editors added some great accessory suggestions.

By Adam White

Spring fashion in Vermont mirrors the rebirth in Mother Nature herself, as colors and patterns awaken from their winter slumber of greys and blacks. Area experts in style provided an inside glimpse at what to look for in stores as the weather warms up. Versatility rules in the uneven, often-changing temperatures of Vermont spring, making layers and multi-faceted garments the
go-to choice of savvy stylists.

02 skirt1

Spring is about rebirth, and floral prints and vibrant colors help mentally shake off the doldrums of winter. “You want to put on something bright and cheerful because it makes you feel better; it’s good for the psyche after being shut away all winter,” said Peggy Eastman, owner of Sportstyle on Shelburne Road in South Burlington. (ABOVE: Skirt by Krimson Klover, $89. Model: Crystal Minton)


09 salaam_shirt

Spellbound on Church Street in Burlington also features men’s clothing by Salaam, including this brightly-colored shirt (ABOVE) with retro flair that would look equally at home at an art opening or on a dance floor. Spellbound owner Mara Brazilian said Salaam designer Andrea Miksic injects energy and vibrancy into her line. “She switches prints by season, which is refreshing,” Brazilian said. (Shirt by Salaam, $55; hat by Goorin Bros., $50)

04 pattern_dress

Whatever the occasion, Vermont customers tend to lean as much toward comfort as style — and the name of the designer rarely enters into the equation. “Nobody wants to be weighed down by something heavy; they want something they can move around in better, something more fluid,” said Peggy Eastman (ABOVE) of Sportstyle on Shelburne Road in South Burlington. “People in Vermont are practical, down to Earth; they’re not so hung up on the label as in other areas.” (Dress by Joseph Ribkoff, $199)

11 earrings

Marilyn’s on College Street in Burlington features not only clothing, handbags and other fashion accessories, but also a selection of fine jewelry. “When we put together an outfit and then pick out the perfect piece of jewelry, we feel like we’ve come full-circle,” said owner Marilyn Gaul. (Earrings by Freida Rothman, $248.)


12 mannequin1

Spring fashion is as much about color as any other element, and owner Peggy Eastman of Sportstyle says vibrant hues such as the blues bursting from this dress (ABOVE) are what mark the season. “You won’t see a lot of pastel pinks at this time of year,” Eastman said. (Dresses by Komarov, $329 )

Chicken Coin PurseCheck out this funky chicken purse! Do you fancy yourself as the hottest chick in town? Have some fun and keep your loose change nice and safe inside this life-like Chicken purse!  $13.39 (http://thegiftoasis.com/product/chicken-coin-purse/)

Trevara Derby Cloud

These handcrafted fine leather derbys have a touch of masculinity in their structure with simple feminine lines. Perfect worn with either pants or dresses they offer a contemporary look. Trevara Derby Cloud, $143. (www.cranmorehome.com.au)


01 topper1

Elissa Colton of Monelle Vermont on Church Street in Burlington says variable spring temperatures make the season’s fashions “all about layering,” with items such as this dress topper (ABOVE) adding versatile style to one’s wardrobe. “It’s convertible; it can be worn as a scarf, and goes from under a jacket to over a dress.” (Cashmere dress topper by In Cashmere, $128; Linen tunic by Vineyard Vines, $118; Silk tassel necklace by Zaccasha, $42. Model: Charlotte Yordon)

Style is only one consideration that goes into making the inventory at Spellbound on Church Street in Burlington. Versatility and responsibility go hand-in-hand with this poncho (ABOVE), made from organic materials through fair-trade practices. “Ponchos are one of the biggest trends in our world,” said Mara Brazilian of Spellbound. (Poncho by Indigenous Designs, $84. Model: Susan Keppel)

Majique Jewellery BH4775 REDMajique Jewellery bangle bracelet studded with semi precious stone and glass beads with a gold-tone metal finish, $23. (oceanicjewellers.com)


10 pattern layers

Patterns and layers are key components to spring fashion in Vermont, and these blouses at Marilyn’s on College Street in Burlington offer the best of both: the cuffs are intended to be rolled back,
injecting a second, complementary pattern into the look to add detail and variation.  (Blouses by Ciro, $135 each.)

08 scarf

What looks at first like an al fresco painting is actually a scarf from Italy. “Scarves are a great addition to a woman’s outfit, because they bring color up to your face,” said Marilyn Gaul of Marilyn’s on College Street in Burlington. A scarf of this size is also incredibly versatile, as it can be worn in a wide array of ways – from tight around the neck to draped loosely over the shoulders.
(Scarf by Italca, $98)


06 VT dress

Mara Brazilian (ABOVE) prioritizes Vermont-made goods at her Spellbound store on Church Street in Burlington. Half of the store’s women’s inventory is from Salaam, a company in Plainfield, Vt. “My top priority is to support the state where I live,” said Brazilian, adding that her store serves as Salaam’s main outlet in the state and sells all the company’s items at 20 percent off. (“Marilyn” dress by Salaam, $109.)

03 dress1

Those on the Vermont fashion scene tend to eschew the word “trend.” Peggy Eastman of Sportstyle on Shelburne Road in South Burlington prefers “direction,” and says certain elements of style tend to come and go rather than just fade from popularity. “Prints are back this season, and dresses are definitely back,” Eastman said. (Dress by Jude Connally, $168. Model: Crystal Minton)

Cabas Téo Léopard Menthe

Heads will turn at the sight of a Cabas Téo Léopard Menthe tote, $38


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