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October 19, 2017  
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Hunting has gone hi-tech. While the thrill of the hunt is a primitive pleasure, advancements in technology allow for better precision and efficiency. Look no further than your own smartphone.Here are some smartphone applications that will enhance any hunt. All are available on both Apple and Android phones. You don’t need all the apps, so consider how you would like to develop your hunt before choosing.

ScoutLook Hunting — Free but has in-app purchases

ScoutLook is a standard navigational app with weather features and a scent tracking system. Weather forecast details include temperature, cloud cover, barometric pressure and wind activity. And the Scentcone Wind Map feature lets you see where your scent will blow hour by hour.

Shooting Hours — $0.99

This app performs a very basic function extremely well: calculating the times of sunrise and sunset using your GPS location — allowing you to always shoot legally.

Powderhook — Free

Need a place to hunt? This app will help you find one. The app includes free maps of public lands in all 50 states, with thousands of depth contours for lakes and rivers. It also populates listings of outdoor events near you.

Deer Calls & Tactics — $1.99

This is one of the best and most comprehensive resources for learning and interpreting deer tactics and calls. The app provides tips on how and when to use each of the deer calls to maximize your chance of a successful hunt.

Whitetail Freaks Property Management — $2.99

One of the best organizational hunting tools available from your phone, the app allows you to mark your property and pin the locations of your tree stands, trail cameras and food plots. You can even attach notes to each pin.

SAS Survival Guide — $5.99

You know what they say: Safety first. This application provides essential information to survive any situation. The app includes photo galleries of plants that are edible, medicinal and poisonous, knots and animal tracks. The first aid section is comprehensive and user-friendly.


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