Soothing Powers of Eucalyptus in a Wrap

September 20, 2012  
Filed under Health & Wellness

Aromatic Australian eucalyptus has been used therapeutically since the mid-1800s for reducing fevers, relieving cold symptoms, preventing infection and even repelling insects. Knowledge of this ancient Aboriginal remedy quickly spread throughout the world—and its stress-relieving, health-improving benefits are still touted today.

Gardener’s Supply uses this naturally soothing, refreshing herbal scent to add a healing touch to its body wraps.

The Ultimate Eucalyptus Wrap ($32.95) filled with rice, flax seed and eucalyptus, combines heat and aromatherapy to relieve congestion and tension in your neck, upper back and chest. The wrap’s custom shape keeps its therapeutic heat in place while you sit or recline. The wrap warms quickly in the microwave.

To purchase, visit or call 1-800-955-3370.


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