Gray Kitchens Coming On Strong

March 31, 2014  
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The graying of the American kitchen: Newly popular, gray’s giving white a run for the money. (Photo Courtesy Townhouse Kitchens, Memories LLC )

By Rose Bennett Gilbert

Q: I’m looking for ideas for a kitchen remodel we’re planning for late spring.

There’s a lot to learn, and I am curious about color schemes: I am seeing mostly all-white kitchens. Is this the trend? We’ll be selling our home in another three years and don’t want the kitchen to look dated.

A: Dated? Au contraire, as the French say. One of the pluses of a white kitchen is its timelessness. No wonder white is, was and may always be the most popular color choice, in this country, at least. According to the people who keep track of such things at the National Kitchen & Bath Association, some 75 percent of all new kitchens in 2012 were done up in shades of white or cream.

But here’s a surprise: The color coming on strongest is gray. And, yes, in as many as 50 shades. From slate and charcoal dark to barely there, gray is sophisticated and cool — right for clean, sleek contemporary kitchens.

Think again if you yearn for gingham and coziness, although New York kitchen designer Joy Young ( manages to take the sharp edges off the all-gray contemporary kitchen we show here. By interplaying a variety of textures, from the checkerboard tile floor to that appealingly arched tongue-and-groove ceiling, she’s made the gray totally inviting.


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